Thursday, March 29, 2012

Eighteen Months

Somehow my little girl has been here eighteen months already.  It boggles my mind to look at the toddler that my baby has become. 

To celebrate this big day, Charlie has been marching around on her tip toes and singing.

As she gets older, her personality is coming out in spades.  She has her own opinions, and will share them with you (loudly).  Her current favorite things include: cell phones, or anything that can be used as a cell phone, remote controls, dancing, kissing, baby dolls, shape sorting toys, putting on all manners of clothes and accessories (my hair ties are great bracelets.), taking things out of, and putting them back in various boxes, and "helping" me do laundry.  If anything is missing, the first place to look is the washing machine.  She's enjoying milk, yogurt, chocolate, nachos, pumpkin and banana puree, pizza, and veggie straws, as well as anything she can sneak off my plate. 

Whenever she sees the camera, or my phone pointed at her, she makes this face:

She's decided walking is old news, and taken to sprinting or dancing everywhere.

 She is going to be a theme park fan.  She is rarely happier than when someone is flipping her, spinning her, tossing her up, wrestling with her, or running around with her at top speeds.

She's super friendly to strangers, talking to them excitedly - unless they get too close.
She's got a handful of signs that she uses to tell us what she wants: milk, eat, please, thank you, more, and all done.  We're really working on getting her to say Please as opposed to whining when she wants something.
As far as talking goes, she's got the basics (with comprehension)- Hi, Bye, Mommy, Daddy, Papa, Nana (pronounced Nanoo), Wow, Oh no, Uh oh, Ow, Baby, Puppy, and lately, No and Mine have entered the mix.  Whenever she eats something new she says "Mmmmm!"  She'll imitate most anything you say, but doesn't connect what it is most of the time.

She's very snuggly and sweet, and growing into a little spunky person.  I still can't get enough of her, and I'm so blessed to be able to spend all my days with this amazing girl.