Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Weston - Two months old

Weston is two months! (plus two weeks...super on my game here.  But these pictures were taken when he was two months and two days, so good enough, right?) 

      Weight: 7 lbs 1.4 oz ...still not on the charts
      Head size: 14.5", putting him squarely in the third percentile.
      Length: 21.25", also the third percentile
    So smiley.  This boy loves to grin and coo.  Unless he's hungry.  Then watch out.
 Favorite things:
     Milk.  Boy-o can eat.  If I handed him a cheeseburger, I think he'd find a way to make it happen.
     Staying up late.  Getting to bed before midnight is a treat.
     Sitting up.  If you're holding him and he's not eating, he wants to be upright looking you in the eye.  Or ear.  Whatever is more interesting.
    Newborn and a very few 0-3 month clothes
    Newborn diapers, but I think we'll switch to size one very soon
    No shoes.  The size 0 pair I have are too big
    He has outgrown about 5 items so far
     Wes eats as close to every two hours as he can manage, and as close to every three as I can manage
     There is no sleep schedule.  Until about a week ago, he'd just go to sleep whenever, wherever.  Lately he's too busy smiling at things and mostly cat naps while eating with maybe two longer stretches a day.  At night he usually has a three hour stretch and a four hour stretch.  Every now and then he'll do five, and the heaven's rejoice.
     I've been putting off getting him on a schedule since he weighs slightly less than your average one day old, but it's gonna have to happen soon, cause I'm on the brink of exhaustion.
 He's rounding out pretty well, sporting a sweet double chin,  and pudgy belly.  His arms and legs, compared to last month are filling out too, but are still tiny and stick like.
 If Wes had his way, he'd never get in a carseat again, though once the car is moving he almost always passes right out.
 His hands are still his nemesis, even finding their way into his mouth while he's nursing.  They are getting a little better at helping him retrieve his pacifier after they've tossed it from his mouth though, so there's progress.
We love our "big" boy, and his charm.  Excited for what the future holds with this one.  Maybe sleep?