Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What's Charlie Wearing Wednesday

Today is a jammie day in our house. This week has been so busy, and it's starting to show in Charlie's fragile temperament, so we're staying in today and focusing on napping. You may have noticed a lack of Made By Me Monday...well, I had a good reason. Tim, who is now working 65+ hour weeks, took Monday off to spend with his girls. We window shopped, we took Charlie to her 6 month well check (he did the comforting after the shots, which was sweet.) We even super splurged and ate out for lunch. Then the three of us snuggled on the couch and watched Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. It was so wonderful. Anyway, back to business. Charlie is wearing a snug sleeper from Gymboree with Parisian elephants on it, (what else would it be?). Elephants riding bikes past delicatessens, elephants in hot air balloons, elephants admiring the Eiffel's so cute. And it was about five bucks.

so we're off to rest and play a bit, have a great day!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Six months

From this tiny thing...
to this larger tiny thing.

Love, love, love.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I Heart Faces Challenge...Slice of Life

This weeks photo challenge is a slice of life. Basically any photo (with a human face in it) that represents you life. Since the majority of my time is spent trying to capture every funny little thing Charlotte does, I thought this shot was perfect. I went to check on her while napping one day, only to find her pacifier precariously perched on top of her head. It's never happened again, and I still don't know how it got there, but this has become one of my favorite pictures of my quirky little girl.

Join in the fun by clicking here!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What's Charlie Wearing Wednesday

Today Charlie is wearing :
A floral peasant top her Auntie Laura brought over (among many other things) the day we found out we were having a girl. It's from Old Navy.
Hot pink skinny pants from Carters, part of a tunic set she got for Christmas from Nana and Grandpa.
And Carter's socks, also a gift.
She is exactly a week away from being six months old! I find this completely unbelievable, but considering the leaps and bounds she's making developmentally I probably shouldn't.
She is currently
  • rolling everywhere, this is no longer just between me and her, she'll now roll for anyone
  • very interested in and very jealous of my food. the other day she rolled over four times to get as close as possible to my plate (I was eating on the floor to keep her company)
  • grabbing things out of my hands, and holding things that are heavier than she's used to with ease
  • eating oatmeal
  • in the throws of teething...I expect a tooth any time now
  • preferring standing to pretty much anything else
  • when laying on her belly she sticks her bum in the air, plants her face on the floor and shoves herself forward
  • sucking her thumb rather than her whole hand

Monday, March 21, 2011

Made By Me Monday

Easter was a huge deal in my house when I was growing up. A lot of planning went into the outfits, particularly my mom's and mine. Every year we would go to the craft store together and pick out two dress patterns and one fabric, and my mom would proceed to make us coordinating dresses. And, of course, I would get an Easter bonnet.

So, this year as I wander through stores and see all the Easter items, I'm tempted by every tiny hat and frilly dress. To put an end to the temptation, I decided to make a bunny hat for Charlie.

Then Tim called and told me one of his co-workers was having a baby shower, so I tried out a bear hat.

I had to adapt the ear patterns a little to meet my level of know how, so they're not as polished as you might find at Baby Gap, but I think they're cute just the same.

Here's Charlie modeling the bunny hat (which barely fits her. I need to switch to larger needles.) The bear hat is too tiny for her big head, so no modelling was done for that one.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What's Charlie Wearing Wednesday

Today Charlie is wearing one of my favorites.

Her onesie:
was a gift from our friends Amy and Frank. It's Baby Gap, and I love that it's three quarter sleeve - rare in a baby outfit. The little strawberries are so fun in hot pink and navy blue, and it's so soft and snuggly.
The skirt is Osh Kosh, (also a gift) part of a three piece set (knit sweater, skirt and striped leggings.) It's so sweet with it's fuchsia belt and knit flowers.
The leg warmers are Circo, and are so ridiculously soft. They were $3.99.
Lately Charlie is:

  • So happy. She grins and smiles at everything and nothing. Except strangers. Those she's grown a bit wary of.
  • Obsessed with her feet. She is most often seen trying to eat them while kicking, resulting in a battle of the wills between foot and mouth.
  • Playing her own version of peek-a-boo, where she buries her head in whatever is near (generally my shoulder), then looks up with a shy grin and waits for a reaction.
  • Startling herself with the loudness of her squeals.
  • Very interested in whatever I'm eating or drinking, attempting to grab whatever cup I'm holding (making coffee drinking much more interesting and dangerous) and fussing when I eat.
  • Eating rice cereal. This has been fairly successful, but she eats the most when it comes from this spoon.
  • Learning to put her pacifier in her mouth by herself...usually upside down.
  • Sitting unsupported for about a minute.
  • Headbutting everyone she comes in contact with.
  • Rounding a corner in sleep regression...from being up five times a night to once or twice.
  • The cutest snuggle bug ever.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Remember these?

This is what Charlie is reminding me of today. Everytime I hold her in my lap, she wraps her arms and legs around my arm. Only, she doesn't face out like these guys, she chews on my "bicep" and pinches my skin to bits between her tiny fingers. What an odd phase :)

Made By Me Monday

For Christmas, my friend Laura spoiled me with crafty goodness. I found this owl puppet pattern by Sara Lucas in the goodies and thought it would make a good friend for Charlotte.
I chose completely different colors for Charlie's owl because the fall colors seemed a bit dull to me.
Once I saw how dark the body was, I decided to make this the boy owl, and have a girl owl in process, with light grey and white "feathers", and a pink belly.

It turned out pretty cute, considering I had to learn a lot of the techniques as I went. And Charlie seems to like it (most of the time).

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Don't Forget... spring forward tonight! Click on the images to view the source.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Ten on

Yeah, I haven't been looking at the calendar here we are a day late.

Ten on 10 Etsy edition
Click each picture to view the shop where the item is from

Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's ridiculous, I know...

...but I'm already brainstorming for Charlie's first birthday party. I have so many ideas floating around my head.

Rainbow Bright
I've liked this idea for awhile. I love "retro" toys that I played with growing up, so the idea of decorating with Rainbow Bright, her Unicorn and Sprites tugs at my heart strings. Add some rainbow streamers, bunting from Tim's birthday and these rainbow cupcakes and, zippety-pow*, you've got yourself a party. And for the favors? A Sprite for everyone (the critter, not the drink)!
When we were first married we went through a Paris phase. As our style changed, most of our beautiful Parisian art didn't fit in anymore, so it's been banished to our mostly unused formal living room. But, what better way to put it to use again but to have a Madeline in Paris party? Besides the artwork, we could decorate with the books, croissants and baguettes (what's more French that that? Besides cigarettes.), streamers in Madeline's school uniform colors, and maybe some French street decor like this:
Teach the kids to say "Oui, oui" and you've got yourself a smash! Berets for everyone!

Just picture it: elephants, lions, tigers, bears, striped tents and mustaches for all! How can you go wrong? Dr. Seuss
Cupcakes topped with green "eggs", big striped felt hats, books everywhere, a game of pin the heart on the Grinch...Dr. Seuss opens itself up to all sorts of fun.
Alice and Wonderland
A mad tea party, eat me and drink me signs everywhere, awesome artwork, and adorable clothes? Yes please. Everyone can go home with a little toadstool, or rabbit, or caterpillar toy.

What do you like best? Other ideas?

*A spattering of zippety-pow - a Gilmore Girls reference, naturally.