Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Weston - Three Months

So, Weston is three months old!  well...three months and three weeks.  I'm behind, but the pictures were taken at three months exactly, so there's that. 

 9 pounds, 2.4 ounces - almost double his birth weight!

 Always wiggling
 Keeps amazing eye contact and tracks people around the room

 Coos and grins pretty much any time someone gives him undivided attention.  Unless, evidently, the camera is out.

 Still a big eater, but more consistently going three hours between feedings (even through the night at three months.)

Prefers to fall asleep in the Ergo than anywhere else - we're working on it.
 Loves to eat his hands - when he can catch them.

He caught his first cold (so sad) - here's a sneeze for posterity.
 He's an amazing out and about baby - pop him in the Ergo and he's happy until you put him back in his carseat.
He's an attention grabber - even bundled into the Ergo people stop and admire his sweet teeny tiny face.

Love him.