Monday, June 11, 2012

10 on 10

 This was a busy day out and about, with a lot of driving time, so we had to get a bit creative (all pictures taken on my phone this time)....

Morning snuggles with milk 


So proud of herself, sitting at the big table


Waiting while she gets her beauty rest

Charlie found a hiding spot for Abby Cadaby

New necklace

Cheesy bread

Playing before bedtime

Wiped out

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pinteresting...Cauliflower pizza

 So, I've started doing a fresh produce co-op called Bountiful Baskets, which is amazing, and forcing me out of my comfort zone as far as what veggies and fruits I cook with.  Enter, Pinterest, giving me inspiration for turning potentially less than delightful veggies into delightful meals.  For example, the ever smelly cauliflower.

So, while the local family boys were on a disc golf adventure across the state, the local family girls (Tim's mom, Charlie and myself,) got to work on the cauliflower.

Step one: Grate half a cauliflower and a cup of cheese (we used mozzarella.)  Microwave the cauliflower for 6 minutes, then freeze to get to a temp you can handle.  Once it's cool, mix it with one egg and the cheese and form into an egg on a greased cookie sheet, and drizzle oil over the top to help it brown.  Bake it at 450 for 15-20 minutes, until it's golden brown.

When you've pulled the pizza out, switch the oven to broil.  Add your sauce, (we used pesto), cheese (we used 1 c. mozzarella, and a handful of feta and parmesan), and toppings (we used yellow pepper, tomatoes, and artichoke hearts, 

It was pretty tasty, although it tasted egg-y to me.  Also, we made the crust to thin to support the veggies, but clearly that's something we can fix in the future.  Over all, a convincing pizza that's way healthier.

Charlie wasn't wild about the pizza, but she did claim the yellow pepper as a pet.  Whatever keeps her happy, right?