Monday, August 9, 2010

A Little Face

I had my fourth ultrasound on Friday, and got a good look at our little lady's face. She was pretty active, sticking her tongue in and out, making faces, haming it up. My dad was able to come with me and get a sneak peak of his little grand daughter. It looks like she's taken after me in the big cheek department. I'm curious how much chubbier those will get over the next (hopefully) two months. We also got a glimpse of her feet, one ankle crossed over the other, looking much like her daddy's favorite foot position. This explains the weird twitching I've been feeling ... I think she's bouncing her foot up and down the same way Tim does. Who knew that little habit could be inherited?
And, just for fun, a few baby shots of me and Tim (and Tim Burns, for that matter):

Wonder who she'll look like? It's getting so close! Exciting!

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