Thursday, December 22, 2011


Charlie is thoroughly enjoying Christmas and all the new things to get into.

Like...untying ribbons on presents

Posing for Christmas card pictures
Playing with lights
Waiting for Santa
Playing peek a boo 
And eating lots of sugar

She's also a walking machine, even walking (and keeping up with me) in the mall, holding my hand, of course. 
Finally getting past this mommy only stage, now excited to see all sorts of people, and freely going to them.  She even cried when I took her from her daddy earlier this week - in the past it's been the other way around.
Running to the door whenever someone comes over or gets home, greeting them with squeals and grunts, and clinging to legs until she's picked up.
Getting slightly more interested in food.
Kissing everyone and everything with a sweet and precise peck.
Shaking her head no whenever she's asked a question.  "Want a cookie?"  Shakes head no, opens mouth and says "Aaaaahhh" to indicate she wants it.
Sleeping in her crib all night every third night...we're working on trimming this gap.
Wiping every surface can reach with kleenex - future neat freak?
Climbing on to furniture with no assistance.
Sporting a brand new molar.
Rocking a respectable rat tail. 

If I don't post again in the next few days (which, lets face it, is likely),
Merry Christmas!  And God bless us, every one

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