Friday, December 4, 2009

Is it bad...

...that I bought Tim a Christmas present from one of M+O's competitors?* I suppose it's better than buying something from Sam's Club. That would be like treason in this household.
We have 16 gifts under the tree right now. One is for me. Judging by the "wrapping" (silver box with silver bow emblazoned with Martin + Osa) it's probably a puppy. Despite only one gift under the tree for me, Tim has brought home a mysterious M+O bag every night with orders not to look in them. Evidentally he's bought me so many presents that one of his co-workers asked to marry him if I was ever out of the picture.
Anywaaaaaay, I sold a few more pieces, I'll be sending them off tomorrow. And I got my first feedback so my store now says 100% positive! Yay!

Hope everyone is doing great!
*pssst - don't tell Tim

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