Monday, December 7, 2009

On the time I was supposed to disect a pig

I managed to get through junior high and high school without disecting anything grosser than a flower. I was feeling fairly triumphant, disection is something I am more than happy to do without. But then I took biology lab in high school. It seemed inevitable. I was doomed to pass out while taking apart a smelly dead piglet. Well, far be it for me to allow a syllabus to take away my dream of a disection free life style. I cleverly planned my absences so I would have to miss that class. Smart, no? So, instead of heading to bio lab that evening I beelined for the cafeteria and ate with my friends, inwardly rejoicing in the success of my scheme.

Fast forward two weeks. I hadn't counted on my professor having an evil scheme too. But, as I was taking my midterm, I noticed students disappearing into the adjoining room for a few minutes and then returning to their desks. Suspicious, I thought. Thats when I turned the page of my exam and saw directions to go into said adjoining room and label parts of a disected pig. Oi. My plan backfired. If the question hadn't been worth multiple points, I may have skipped it. But my not so great grade wouldn't allow it. So, I mustered up my courage, held my breath and walked resolutely into the room. There, a teachers aid was pulling little pig organs with tweezers and asking us to identify them. Blech. Gross. But, I didn't have to cut anything open, so besides some mild revulsion I was none worse for the wear.

Until I got to dinner that night...pork was on the menu. Blllleeeeecccchhhh!

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  1. Yeah... I never ended up participating. I think my class did it once and my teacher came up to me and told me I looked white as a sheet then told me to go outside in the fresh air. Okaaaay... if I haaaave to.