Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Saw a Leaf Fall to the Ground Today...

Last year on this day I quoted a poem by a beloved professor of mine. I think it's worth reposting today.

I saw a leaf fall to the ground today.

For an entire season it had clung proudly to its place, gleaming brightly in the summer sun. It had felt its usefulness and beauty. But when embraced to Autumn's cold breast, its beauty faded; it became shriveled and sere. Still, it clung tenaciously to its accustomed spot on the branch. After much urging by a gentle wind, it wavered between its desire to remain with the known, and the desire to experience teh unknown. Finally, it embarked on its new adventure, and sailed happily with the breeze and gently fluttered to join many of its cold companions, and to meet many of a brighter hue. When it came to rest, I think I heard it release a sigh of contentment.
I am now in the summer of my life - enjoying my place, feeling of some use and service. When the late Autumn of my life comes, I think I shall be like that leaf I saw fall today. Certainly, I shall hesitate to leave the accustomed. But I know that once the great adventure is begun, I shall sail into eternal contentment.

You who see the leaf of my life fade and fall; Do not mistake that final breath as a groan. It will be a joyful sigh of release into the hands of my Great God, Creator and Savior.

CW Smith - November 14, 1972

Today marks three years since my mom went home. I'm so excited for the day we're reuinited.

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  1. Erin, I miss your mom so much. Praying for you and your family especially in this season.