Monday, January 24, 2011

If money were no object...

...Charlie would have some incredible etsy stuff.

A clock is a nursery necessity in my book...that way you know what time in the middle of the night she's getting you up to eat, and when you drift off while you're feeding her, you'll know how long you were out for when you come to. So, the prettiest way to fulfill that need is with this beauty from long time favorite, Decoylab.
Clearly, I'm a sucker for Jellybeans (the candy as well as the shop). This sweet hugging tree print would fit seamlessly into Charlie's decor.

I've stalked Skunkboy Creatures forever. I love every single thing she's made,and this beautiful mural is no exception. Sadly, it's sold...she just had a baby of her own (yay!) and is on leave, so I had to wander through her amazing sold items to find what I wanted.
I might tweak the colors slightly, but this pillow by borislovednatasha would be so adorable on the rocker in Charlie's room.
To be honest, I'm not a fan of Uggs...unless they're for babies! Even better...crocheted for babies! Eep! Loving these ones by IndianSummerGardens.

Um, are you even kidding me, BacaCreations? This is hands down the cutest hat in the world. As in, I can't see Charlie NOT having this hat. That said, browse my shop! Maybe then I can justify the purchase ;). Kidding, kidding, totally kidding. (Kinda.)

And, runner up for cutest hat? This sweet owl by JustDandyCreations. I've had my eye on this guy since I found out I was pregnant.

I love pillows that are also stuffed animals (and I'm not talking about pillow pets...too cheesy looking). This fantastic Mr. Fox by sleepyking is so adorable and squeezable. Plus, I'm in love with the bunting in the background.
That's it for now (if I put everything I love from Etsy on here this would never end.) Off to play with my little girl, and maybe later take a nap and dream about hippos.

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