Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Girl, A Baby and A Pile of Laundry

Someone recently asked me what my day looks like now that there is a baby in the picture. I didn't really know how to answer. I feel constantly busy, watching my to-do list grow exponentially by the second, trying to balance what the baby needs, what the house needs, what the husband needs and what I need on an incredibly unstable schedule. That said, I wouldn't have it any other way.
Today, so far, has consisted of:
1 am - feeding the tiny. This is crazy unusual, only the second time she's woken in the night since she was 8 weeks old (Yes, I do realize how blessed I am.)
1:30 am - both of us back to bed.
6:45 am - sleepily kiss the husby goodbye.
7:45 am - feed the tiny (while watching DVR'ed American Idol). Most of the time she goes back down after this feeding for a few hours, during which I am free to go back down also, or to do whatever I can in that time, IE - shower, dress, tidy, what have you. But, generally I go to sleep or read my google reader blogs, check facebook, e-mail and etsy.
8:30 am - put the tiny down for nap #1. This is the only nap that she agrees to most days, but it's a good long one. It should last until about 11, if I'm lucky.
8:40 am - coffee, my dear friend, and a trip to the mailbox to send of a sweet necklace to a sweet customer. I added a little something to this necklace, so I was extra happy with it as I put it in the mail slot.
8:50 am - here we are. Blogging rather that showering. What are you going to do.
The rest of my day will consist roughly of something like this:
9:00 - fold the bitty laundry and put it away (hers is the only laundry I like doing - her stuff is soooo cute!)
9:45 - start some grown up laundry
10ish - dress myself, tidy a bit
11ish - change the laundry, feed the tiny, change her, dress her, play like crazy
12:30 - think about lunch
1:00 - attempt to put the baby down for another nap, change the laundry
1:15 - give up and rock her to sleep
1:30- ease her into her crib and pray it sticks, change the laundry
2:15- feed the tiny, watching Gilmore Girls
2:45- change the baby, play some more, work on rolling
4:30- fold and put away laundry, start prepping baby for nap #3
5:00- seize the 15 minute window I have of definite napping, find some dinner (husby is working tonight, so I don't actually have to make anything)
5:15- eat while bouncing fussy baby (teething has made the evening rough lately)
5:30- feed and change the baby, play
6:30- give up on crib naps and let baby sleep in my arms
7:00- change the baby into jammies, or run a bath, depending on how dirty she's gotten herself today
8:00- feed one more time and start the bedtime attempts (let's say it works on the first time)
8:30- watch TV and wait for hubs to get home
Between 10 and 11- hit the hay and start again tomorrow

This is my rough plan, but odds are today will wind up looking extremely different. I know I'm going to enjoy it though. This girl is an absolute delight.

17 weeks old

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