Friday, June 10, 2011

Ten on Ten

(I don't think people usually explain their 10 on 10 pictures, but I feel like these look like they were all taken at the same time. I did take these one an hour for 10 hours, believe me. It was a crazy day.)

A lot of our day looked like this:
Reacting to having breakfast from a bottle (weaning is still not going well, ten days later.)
So violent was the reaction that I put her back to bed and tried again when she woke up. Sometimes switching to a sippy cup helps...unless it's upside down...

A little play time between grumpy spells. Here we are playing Keep Away (with the camera)

A much needed excursion. Papa took us for long trips to Target and IKEA, where naturally we dressed Charlie up like a goof ball.

Never too young for bling.

Entertaining the tired girl at IKEA while we enjoyed hot dogs and mochas.

Conked out after the drive home.

A walk around the yard to see how our plants are doing. (Not good, if you're wondering. This, and the lavender are the only things blooming.)

Night night, tired grumpo. Here's to a happier day tomorrow.
A sweet treat to finish out the day.

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  1. What a beautiful girl! I have trouble remembering that my kiddos are just little people and they have good and bad days just like me. Its no fun when they have grumpy days! I hope the next day was better :)