Wednesday, June 8, 2011

(Revised) What's Charlie Wearing Wednesday...a month full

I somehow completely left a week behold the correct weekly sequence:

Yes, I'm way overdue on these...but I've had other things on my mind :)

Here we go:
Pink sweater- Circo, $6
Zebra tank onesie - Gap clearance, $2
Pants and socks - Carters, gifts
Romper - Carters, gift
Socks - Kid's Korner "gift"*

Sweater - Circo, $4

Top - Carters (came with a pink polka dot romper, but it wasn't warm enough) $7 from Costco

Pants - Carters, gift, came with a long sleeved onesie

These pictures were taken at friend Laura's house (except the last one which was taken during playtime. No chair pictures that day.

Mermaid Jammie's - Carter's $10 from Costco (we don't really use them as Jammie's, cause they're stinking cute, so we call them day wear)

Dress (or jacket, I can't tell) - Carter's, free at consignment store with trade-in

Onesie - Carters, part of a $10 4 piece cow set from Costco

Tights - consignment store, $3

Boots - Old Navy $6

*story behind the socks - they may look like any old sock, but their kinda sorta a gift from my mom. Years ago she had bought two girl sleepers and a 4 pack of socks, I assume for a shower, but they wound up in a box in my parents room. When I found them last year, I asked dad if I could have them for Charlie. So, to Charlie they're her presents from "Ama".

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  1. Erin, loving your blog...and What's Charlie Wearing is my fav!