Sunday, July 31, 2011

10 Months Old

This goofy girl is ten months old! She is definitely her own person now, with clear opinions, a quirky sense of humor and an overly adventurous spirit.
Here she was attempting to wrangle the camera. Successfully. She's into everything, "Charlie-crawling" any where she wants to be. I just caught her in a cubby of our bookcase, spinning the three globes that rest there. She's just started pulling up on anything (or anyone) she can reach, and loves nothing more than things that aren't toys.
It is now impossible to get her to be still for a picture. The majority of the pictures I've taken lately are of the top of her cute little head. Which is still quite bald. But considering that's where she wipes her food covered hands after a meal, maybe bald isn't so bad.
She's up to three meals a day with plenty of bottles between.
She's way to long for any of her pants...good thing it's finally summer weather.
She's learned to give kisses...very friendly kisses :)
She claps like it's going out of style.
When playing peek a boo, she now hides for up to 30 seconds before pulling away from whatever object she's using with a "Da!"
She still doesn't use any words discriminately, but she does jabber a lot.
She averages 9 hours of sleep a night, three hours of naps a day.
Shoes make her happy. Just like her mama.
She's back in her crib, with no sign of missing her tiny pack'n'play.
She's still rocking two teeth, but actively working on a third.
She is violently opposed to green veggies, meat, and cinnamon.
She is daring, throwing herself to where she wants to be, and has bumps and bruises to prove it.
She is never happier than when you are helping her flip, dangling her upside down, or letting her scale furniture.
She's awesome.

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