Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July

I hope everyone had a great 4th! Ours was spent hearing an amazing sermon at church, then Tim went off to work, and I went to my dad's to say happy birthday to Tim (Burns) and eat lots-o-food. When Tim got off work, we headed to Jonathan and Laura's for some s'mores (with Reeses cups, none of that ordinary Hershey's business), Wii, and sparkler fun. All in all, a sucessful day.

Anyway, I was reminiscing on 4ths of the past, and remembered a story from when my cousin Danny and I were about 3. All the adults and "big kids" were out setting off fireworks, which left Danny and I to improvise (this was in the day that two three year olds could be left unsupervised, evidently). Naturally, we were jealous that we weren't allowed to play with 3000 degree sparklers and set off fireworks, so we opted for making our own. My grandma always had off brand cheesepuffs in the house, which are a fantastic, perma-staining neon orange, so these obviously caught our eye. We gleefully threw them all over grandma and grandpa's floor and proceeded to jump on them until they were nothing but orange and yellow dust. They crunched just enough to compete with the fireworks noise, so we were happy as clams. Thankfully, by the time the adults came back in and discovered us, the floors, and everything we'd touched orange, they just found us hilarious, so we somehow managed to avoid getting in trouble. Win-win, if you ask me.


  1. We had a blast hanging out as always!

  2. Was that that cousin I accidentally stalked on my lunch break?