Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Next Great American Novel

It's about time for another amazing, history changing, best selling, page turning novel. And I'm going to write it.

I have a fool proof game plan. I've read, studied, poured over recent successful plot lines and discovered what we're missing:

Vampires VS. Dragons*

To my knowledge, this has not been done, and in my humble opinion, the world is worse for it.

The premise, I think it's pretty clear, is a battle between vampires and dragons. No longer will the world have to wonder which is the superior mythical creature! All will be answered!

The characters will consist of:

Several vampires - the names I have so far are:

Several dragons - the names I have so far:
Duff the Dagic

A token witch and wizard:
Larry Lotter
Lermione Langer

Some small hairy footed human-like creatures:
Prodo Paggins
Pamwise Pamgee

Miscellaneous villians (because a battle between vampires and dragons can't all be fun and games):
Tollum (also known as Teagol)
Tord Toldemort
Tick-ed Tepmothers
Teddy Trueger

So, that's what I've come up with so far, I think it's pretty solid. As always, I'm open to suggestions (good ones may earn you the dedication page, really good ones, a mention when I accept my multiple awards.)

*if this is successful (which I know in my heart of hearts, it will be) I will follow up with such sequels as:
Vampires VS. Aliens
Dragons VS. Aliens
Vampires and Dragons VS. Aliens (those aliens are tough)
Vampires VS. Sea Monsters
Dragons VS. The Yeti

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