Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Oh, the day I've had (long and detailed version)

Today started off like any other day. I don't know how it happened, but it quickly turned into chaos.

First I went to get myself some coffee* and found the carafe empty. (People...if you drink the last of the coffee in a shared coffee environment, please make more so the next unsuspecting girl to wander in doesn't get sprayed with the little remains left and have to clean up the resulting mess and take 15 minutes to brew coffee. It's just common courtesy.) So, 15 minutes later, with coffee** in hand, I went back to my cubicle.

When I got to my desk, I found that I couldn't print anything. It kept trying to save documents to my desktop. So, being the smart cookie I am, I thought that maybe my printer wasn't set up for some reason, so it was defaulting to "printing" PDF's. A quick glance at the printer name showed me that wasn't the case. So, I rebooted my computer. That didn't do the trick either. A call to tech support and a half an hour with tech support shadowing me later (plus many attempts of deleting and re-adding my printer on their side) and we discovered that a box had been clicked telling my printer to save everything to files. What should have been a quick fix took up the first hour of my day (at least the first hour that wasn't spent making coffee).

Okay, I could recover from this. At least that was my thought at the time. Then came lunch time. I cover reception while the receptionist (Hi Lisa!) takes her lunch, and today I brought a carbonated flavored (mixed berry) water with me. Well, I have much experience with these waters, and have never had anything bad happen with them...until...I sat down at the chair in front of the phone and started to open it. Immediately a volcano of sticky red liquid pours out the top and all over the desk, papers on the desk, and me. I thought I reacted pretty quickly in twisting the cap back on, but I'm told (Hi Lisa!) that I stared at it for several seconds before shaking off my shock and twisting it back on. So, there I sat, laughing till I was tearing up with Lisa, holding dripping hands in front of me and watching the drink spread over the desk surface. After some out of control laughter/discussion, it was decided that I would go wash up and bring paper towels down to clean up the scene.

I started up the stairs with my still dripping arms held out in front of me in a Mr. Burns type way (I'm told) and somehow biff it on the fifth stair. I caught myself pretty quickly (benefit of falling up the stairs and not down) and came up laughing harder than ever (don't worry, my belly didn't get anywhere close to the ground), while Lisa laughed at me from the bottom of the stairs (Hi Lisa!). I gained enough control over myself to get upstairs, wash my hands, and grab what seemed like a substantial amount of paper towels (8). I got back down to reception, still laughing uncontrollably, and discovered 8 paper towels wouldn't do it, and eventually improvised by using computer paper.

Anyway, in this process I managed to get red water on my white shirt, so ran home at lunch to tide stick it. (Is tide stick a verb?) Well, lo and behold, I couldn't find a tide stick. So I changed, put it in cold water, and grabbed a bag of Circus Animal cookies to make up for my crazy day. These I put in the passenger seat on my way back to work, only to discover that there was a hole in the bottom of the bag and the passenger seat is now covered in rainbow colored sprinkles. I scooped these up as best I could and headed back to my desk, where I settled back down to eat the remainder of the bag. Since then things seem to have settled down...we'll see what the rest of this day holds for me, I suppose.

*Please, please, please do not take this opportunity to lecture me about drinking coffee while pregnant. Before I began working full time I avoided all caffeine, and all the books say that 8-16 ounces a day in your second and third trimesters are fine. Trust me, I researched. Also, you try "sleeping" with something kicking you, multiple bathroom runs and pregnancy dreams. Not so restful, sometimes a small cup of joe can go a long way, plus I water it down with cream. Rant ending now.

** Seriously. Don't lecture me, I beg you.

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  1. Um, your astriks are simply hilarious. Have these same people also preached at you about which type of birth experience you should have? ;-)