Thursday, May 5, 2011

7 Months

My tiny is 7 months old! Madness.

She's become a busy little thing, but she still loves to snuggle and now happily gives hugs and kisses (to me, to daddy, to her stuffed animals, and even books if they have faces to kiss in them).

She rolls everywhere, loves to be upside down, and has actually flipped and landed flat on her feet from an upside down position more than once (don't let your guard down with this one).

She'd rather stand than anything, will jump as much as possible, and is constantly talking.

She's eating two pureed meals a day, favoring squash and blueberry pear. She says "Mmmm" while eating. Peas and Squash mixed with apple both make her gag, so those have been retired for now.

She's in the throws of teething, and doesn't especially like being held by anyone but me, though she'll smile and talk with others as long as she's safely in my lap.

She's sooo close to sitting on her own, (she can do it on chairs and couches and laps, but doesn't trust the floor.)

She's grabbing any and everything, as you can see in the second picture she's lunging for the camera.

She's too long for 6 month clothes, but too skinny for 9 looks like she may just sport dresses this summer.

She's started to dance to music, and stays pretty close to the rhythm. She sings along with whatever she hears.

She blows bubbles often, especially while eating.

She spent her first Sunday in the nursery, and didn't cry at all. In fact, she didn't make any noise the whole time, just sat and watched everyone.

She has no interest in crawling, but seems to like the idea of wheelbarrowing, as evidenced by her attempt to get from my lap to her dad's last night.

She's awesome.

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  1. I particularly like the third picture. She looks so she has a lot on her mind. :)