Thursday, May 5, 2011

What's Charlie Wearing Wednesday Catch up

I started weekly blog features to make sure I continued to blog...but sometimes life gets in the way, and things like "Made By Me Monday" fall by the wayside.

Our lives have been busy with things like sickness, sleep issues, milk supply issues, changes, prioritizing, teething, drooling, broken washers, etc. It hasn't all been bad, but it has all been intense, and taken my focus away from a lot of day to day cleaning, cooking, laundry and blogging.

I have, however, been taking pictures. So, without further adieu:

What's Charlie Wearing last Wednesday (actually Thursday - our new washer didn't get here until Wednesday, so Charlie was wearing a hodgepodge assortment from her few clean clothes that day.)
Here she's wearing:
Carters sweatshirt
Carters cow onesie (part of a four piece set found at Costco for under $10)
Old Navy roll up jeans on clearance for about $4
Carters socks

And, this Wednesday:
It was lovely out, so while she also sported a sweater and socks most of the day, we pretended it was summer.

Old Navy Tank bought on clearance before she was born - probably about $2
Cherokee shorts, also bought on clearance before she was born - I have no idea what they cost.

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