Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Made By Me Monday (or Tuesday)

It seems the local stork is super efficient, cause he's bringing us a second baby a mere 14 months and two days after the first.

Despite having known for about two months now, we're still relatively shocked, but a baby is always a wonderful thing, and we are happily (if a bit nervously) anticipating welcoming this one into our little family.

So far this pregnancy has been identical to my first, except for fewer taco cravings - probably because I'm already on an iron supplement. I've been very blessed to never experience morning sickness, and sleepiness is my most consistent symptom.

Although I'm only 14 weeks along, it is pretty obvious that I'm expecting by the end of the day. I look about how I looked at 20 weeks last time.

We're brainstorming how to make Charlie's little nursery big enough for two cribs, tossing around ideas of how we'll "boy it up" if this one is of the masculine variety, and are figuring out what we'll do differently knowing what we know now that we have 8 months of parenting under our belts.

Any mom's of two under two happen to read this? I'd love to hear more about what I should be expecting, the good, the bad and the funny.

I'd also love boy names...we got nothin'.


  1. Erin, congrats! My two oldest are only 18 months apart. It's kind of a blur but they are best friends and I love that!! The hardest part will be grocery shopping!

  2. P.S our boy names...that will never be used are Lane and Carson.

  3. oh Erin! Congratulations! I know exactly how you feel with that surprise baby close to your first! Lyddie and Millie are 17 months apart. To be completely frank, my second pregnancy felt so different - physically everything was really similar with Lyddie but looking back I realize how much I struggled the entire time with fears - normal ones I think, so don't be surprised if you do too - things like "Will I have TIME to love this baby enough? I wasn't planning this baby and I'm not walking on air like I was with the first baby... does that make me a bad mom? Am I ever going to sleep? How are we going to afford another baby? How am I going to manage stress in my life with two under two!?!?"
    So now that Amelia is here, I am hanging on for the ride! Most days are pretty smooth, although Lyddie has now entered the really strong-willed toddler stage of 18 mos (I have heard it's actually worse between 18-24 mos than the terrible twos) but even then she's a really good toddler and we just manage this stage as we go! I won't lie - my life feels HARD, especially to have a toddler to keep up with and a newborn who doesn't sleep well.
    The things that have been my saving grace the last few weeks have been starting to jog every other day early in the morning and getting my day started before Lyddie wakes up. The other savior has been a mom's group on meetup.com I joined that plans regular playdates, trips to the library, park dates, etc. They last just a couple hours and we go about once a week. It connects me to moms who have little kids as well as breaking up my day/week with something enjoyable. I find it completely necessary.
    One really nice thing about having two so close together is Charlie probably will adjust pretty quickly - Lyddie adapted within a week to the changes, because she's so young and I think pretty quickly forgot that life was ever baby-less! haha

    Congratulations, Erin, it's exciting, it's so much work but it IS worth it, which people keep reminding me of on those days (like today) that I'm surviving on 4 hours of sleep total...