Friday, September 2, 2011

Eleven Months

Somehow my tiny just over 6 pound baby has turned into a whopping 18.8 pound almost toddler. This means many things...less inclined to sleep, more inclined to climb, no time to waist smiling for the camera, getting into everything, and many more bonks and bangs.
It's really a shame that she won't smile for the camera any more, cause her little grin is a show stopper. She's fearless, as anyone ignorant to consequence might be, attempting to launch herself over the back of the couch, off the bed, through the crib rails...whatever is nearby. With one clear exception. Boys are terrifying. Especially boys with facial hair. While this could come in handy in high school, we're trying to work her through it for now.
She is getting closer to standing on her own, and is happiest when she's able to stand and bounce for long periods of time. She's still rocking two teeth, but all signs point to at least 6 more getting ready to pop (please soon, please soon). Currently, her favorite toy is an empty bottle of ginger ale, go figure.
She has gotten increasingly more giggly, something she used to make you work for, so that has been a lot of fun. She has also gone from screaming angrily whenever a book was opened (they were delightful as long as they stayed closed) to loving books, especially Pat the Bunny. I think she's memorized it, cause her hands immediately fly to the activities, her favorite being Peek A Boo.
Speaking of peek a boo, this is an all day, every day game. Anything in her hands becomes a hiding place. She's learned to snatch it in different directions for an element of surprise, and is always thrilled when we respond with a "Boo!"
Being eleven months is tiring business. I can't believe she's almost a year old!

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