Thursday, September 8, 2011

Whats Charlie Wearing Wednesday(s)

Buckle comes three weeks worth of cuteness. 

Pajama day...sometimes we here at the Fulton home are a bit...lazy.  And sometimes jammies are too hilarious not to document.  Resulting in the first ever (I think) pajama WCWW.  We have a box of hand me downs from my nephew Mitsuki, and some of these gems are direct from Japan.  Some of these Japanese items have non sensical Engrish English on these bell bottoms.

The pants say (in cursive, no less)  "Nice to meet you.  Love, Kids Zoo".  Awesome.  And, as usual, the top is a simple white onesie from Carters.  Moving on...

Our friends Andrew and Sara were here last week from Santa Rosa to meet Charlie.  Charlie was immediately showered with gifts, and she got some awesome boots that were sent with them from our other friends, Alison, Jason, and little Cora.  Here's Charlie rocking her Hatley rain boots, which are covered in little birds and flowers (and totally match the coat that Sara and Andrew gave her.)
She's also wearing a Carter's top bought with a little pink and white polka dot romper at Costco for $5ish way back when.  And, the H&M jeans she's sporting are also from Alison and Jason, sent before either she or Cora were born.  We had an awesome time with Andrew and Sara (and their little boy on the way) and can't wait to see them and meet the Superbaby.  We're hoping we'll get to see Alison and Jason and finally meet Cora sometime this year too. 

Lastly, yesterday Charlie played the part of a ballerina (until she pulled her bib off and covered her shirt in peach puree.)
She is wearing a white onesie ruffle tee from H&M ($3, I think), a Circo tutu with polka dots under the tulle ($6), and a interchangeable flower headband from an Etsy shop that no longer exists.

The stubborn girl no longer wants to sit and pose, hence the book and standing shots.  But, she's still stinking adorable, so I'll let it slide.


  1. I love the bellbottoms! In my class at work, we have a baby whose parents are from France, so he's got lots of onesies and shirts with French words on them. My favorite is the one with a whole carrot in an oven with little steam lines coming off of it, and some little French phrase underneath...I keep forgetting to ask his parents what it says in English, but I'm sure it doesn't translate well. :)

  2. What a cute lady! Hope you guys are doing well. I can't believe she is going to be one SO soon! Give her a hug for me (if she will stay still long enough.) Love, Meghan