Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Now that I'm so advanced in my pregnancy (15 days to go!), I'm starting to day dream about things I can do after the baby comes. I've been letting Tim know the meals I'd like to eat so he can make sure he knows how to make them. :)

I miss egg yolk. Like you wouldn't believe. I had no idea this would be the item that I wanted the most, but I have made Tim swear that the first meal I have will be a perfectly poached egg on toast with asparagus, prosciutto and feta cheese. My mouth is watering. Yum.
I'm also missing my clothes. Maternity clothes were fun for awhile, but how many times can you wear the same 5 outfits before you are just plain bored?

I'm most looking forward to wearing:

My suede boots! Yes, they fit, but walking with any extra height is an extremely dangerous game when 1) you're clumsy to start with; and 2) you're pregnant

My leather motorcycle jacket...so pretty, so soft, so small...
My favorite jeans ever.
My pretty detailed tops.

As well as so many others...oh clothes (and egg yolk). How I miss you.
(All the clothes are of the recently deceased Martin + Osa variety. Hence, no links.)

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