Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Shower

On Sunday, some of the wonderful women I grew up under threw me a shower. It was such a great time to spend time with these women who knew and loved my mom so well, and who watched me grow up and helped shape who I am.

Although Debbie couldn't be there, she sent a prayer that she wrote for Tim, me and the little one to come.

Lord Jesus, we bring before you your precious child, Erin and her new little baby girl. What a wonderful and amazing miracle this is. We know that you have knit this little one together, and you already know every hair that will be on her head, the color of her eyes, the tilt of her chin. You know her hopes and dreams, her gifts and talents, her strengths and weaknesses. You have formed her amazing little personality to your precise specifications (which Erin and Tim might need some reminding of as the years go by).

Lord, Thank you for the awesome gift you are about to place in Erin and Tim's hands. May you give them the strength, love, wisdom, joy, peace and sense of humor that they will need as they raise this little one in your magnificent love and faithfulness.

We place this precious baby girl in your hands knowing that you will never leave her, that you will be beside her all the days of her life. Thank you for this promise from your word.

And Lord, I want to thank you for Erin's loving mom, Ellen, who was such a great role model for a mother that faithfully loved, nurtured, guided, and taught your promises to her children. Thank you for the friend she was to all of us and the way she touched each one of us in her unique way. If possible, let her know how much we love her and miss her, and will be seeking her again one day.

I pray as her friends, we will take seriously the task of encouraging and loving her daughter Erin, her son-in-law Tim and this new little life that is about to come into the world.

Thank you for the blessing of new life.

In your name we pray, Amen.

What an amazing start to a wonderful day. I am so grateful for these wonderful women.

What an amazing day. I am so thankful for these godly women in my life.

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