Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Through the months

A walk through of the last eight and a half months as told by my belly.

The first test I took was Kroger brand...I wasn't convinced it was reliable, so I took two more First Response...there was no denying it then.

The day we found out (late January). About 5 weeks pregnant. (I miss wearing those jeans)

I don't have dates on me, but this was about 10 weeks, I believe. This is when yoga pants and stretchy shirts became a staple for me.

Sometime not too long after...vague, I know.
Around 20 weeks or so. When yoga pants and stretchy tops were no longer an option.

A new haircut for a new week...around 25 weeks.

At 33 weeks with Zib, who was about 6 months with her little boy.

35 weeks...almost to the end! Notice the weird shaped lump? That, my friends, would be feet. Or knees. Not 100% on which.

35 weeks from the other side. Just to give you the full picture.

That brings us to the present. 35 weeks with a constantly wiggling belly. About a month to go!

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