Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Work in Progress

We've been feverishly working on the nursery. It took us a bit of time and several paint samples to pick a color, but we finally settled on River Mist by Martha Stewart. Here are some shots of the freshly painted room.

Pay no attention to the overly full closet.

We picked up our IKEA furniture and set to work assembling (thanks Dad, for the ride and the crib!) The rocker glider, by the way, is not IKEA...rather a Best Chair, which was our one nursery splurge.

Tim discovered this cool wardrobe system, and since the nursery closet is currently our storage closet, this seemed like a good, affordable solution. Disregard the little dots on the bottom, those were an experiment we ended up nixing.

The inside of the closet...Top is hanging space, bottom is drawers. And, yes, I know we have an absurd amount of clothing, and yes, I have been put on baby clothes shopping restriction.

The coolest part of the room by far is the mural Laura and I put together...look what a little elbow grease can do! (Thanks Laura!)

All we have left to do is spray paint some picture frames and our curtain rod, hang our pictures and curtains and clean up! I'll show you pictures of the changing table Tim made soon.

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  1. It looks so great!! I love the way it came out! It was so much fun!!