Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our First Easter as Three

Easter morning came early around our house...we had to be fed, dressed and out the door by 8:20, which meant a 7 am wake up call for mommy...earlier than usual. I actually didn't drag myself from the warm comfort of flannel sheets until 7:25, so I rocked wet hair in a ponytail, and had no time to make my legs presentable enough for a skirt, so wound up wearing the only clean jeans I had handy (grey flares) with a blousy blue and white silk button down tank and an extra long black cardigan with silver ballet flats. Not exactly up to Easter par, but what can you do? It was only a little embarrassing to stand next to Tim in his khaki's, button down green gingham shirt and navy tie, holding Charlie in her plaid pink/orange/red Old Navy dress (new from the consignment store, $4) with her big flower headband in lieu of a bonnet (impossible to find!) Only Charlie got fed, and we didn't make it out the door until 8:35 (for the 8:30 service), but thankfully it's right down the street.

Once to church, Charlie started off standing on my lap, treating me as a jumperoo. Bounce, bounce bounce. To put a stop to this, I sat her on my lap, when Charlie decided it would be a good time to growl. A lot. After several attempts to quiet her with various pacifiers, all of which she plucked out a threw on the ground, Tim ended up in the foyer with her for the majority of the service, keeping her growling to himself.

After the service we came home for a few hours, and Charlie received her first Easter basket. If you know me, you know I LOVE holidays, and holiday traditions. Normally I make Easter baskets for at least Tim, my nephew Mitsuki, and myself (cause I say it's from the Easter Bunny, so it's not really like I'm giving myself presents, right?) Last year, Tim's brother and his family were here from Ohio, so I made 9 baskets. But, this year I'm not working, so I had to tame my Easter basket frenzy. Charlie was the only recipient of a basket, Tim got white chocolate Lindor eggs, and I got mini Cadbury's.

Here's Charlie, ready to rip into her basket:

Her basket consisted of: felt chick basket, two Sesame Street bath books (all from the Target dollar bin), a touch and feel baby animal book (Costco, $5.99) and a little lamb (Fred Meyer, $3.99)

She checked periodically to make sure Daddy's attention was where it should be...on her.

Eating her basket. This continued throughout the day.

Overall, her first Easter basket seemed to be a success.
We spent the rest of the day at Papa's, where she enjoyed playing in her jumperoo, and eating her Auntie Chie's face. It was delightful.

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