Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter "Baskets"

Growing up, we had the same Easter baskets every year.  They were simple twiggy woven baskets, natural wood colored, and mine had a little purple ribbon tied to the handle.  They were always filled with Robins Eggs, speckled jelly beans, a giant hollow Easter Bunny and a stuffed bunny.  It was perfect.  I've looked for the perfect basket for Charlie, but haven't found it yet, so this year I went with an alternate idea.

The last few months, any store we go into, Charlie hones in on toy shopping carts and gleefully extends the length of our shopping trip by half as she maneuvers her goods through the aisles.  Her favorite, naturally, is the crazy expensive, but easy to steer, Melissa and Doug cart.

I got the idea to use a cart as an Easter basket, and started coming up with ways to make it happen.  Our local kids consignment store carries new M&D items, and the cart costs slightly less there than other places.  So, I sold a bagful of Charlie's outgrown clothes and shoes, and was able to get the cart for less than half the price. 

All that to say, this year's Easter Basket, ready to thrill a little girl:

Another thing I couldn't find was the perfect stuffed bunny, so I just grabbed a sock monkey instead, was cute.
 Also in here:
Twas the Night Before Easter VeggieTales movie from Papa
Elmo color flash cards from the Target dollar bin
Fisher Price Little People - a girl in an Easter dress and a bunny
Pride and Prejudice board book - yay!
Quack Quack Touch and Feel book
Color Wonder Markers (in a Grover cup from the Target $ bin)
Color wonder Paper
Two foam bunny shaped pairs of glasses from the $ bin at Target
A weird spinny light up egg that she latched on to at Target

Now, Charlie isn't the only one who gets an Easter Basket around these parts. 

I found this mug before Christmas, and have wanted to get it for Tim since then.  So, Ron Swanson becomes Tim's basket.  For myself (cause the Easter Bunny tends to forget me) I just got a little mug at Target that looks like a Bunny's hind quarters. 
Throw in some solid white chocolate bunny's, starburst jelly beans and Reece's Pieces carrots, and you have yourself some Easter love.


  1. Erin, this is awesome! By chance did you go to Kid to Kid? I was there this morning with Gideon and saw this exact same kart!!!

  2. Yep, we go there all the time. It's great :)

  3. Such fun! You will have a happy girl for sure. Have a blessed day. :)