Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Eggs

Oh Pinterest, you self deluding, wonderful thing.  I saw these three egg pins, and foolishly thought to myself...I can do that...with a an hour.  Riiiiight. 

Baked "Hard Boiled" Eggs

Muffin tin

Check!  So far Pinterest, we're on the same page.

 I baked the eggs for a half an hour at 350.  The house was filled with a cake-y scent, not the normal stink of hard boiled eggs.  However, they had greasy brown spots all over them.

 I immediately put the eggs in an ice bath, and took Charlie for a walk while they cooled.  She killed her first spider while we were out.  Nice.
 One of the eggs cracked in the process, so we sampled it.  Charlie was mildly impressed, I found it a tidge dry, whether because of the crack or the baking, I don't know.  Next time I'll try it at 325.

So, #1 was successful, on to the next!

Pinspiration #2
Kool Aid Egg Dying

Let's just put this out there - vinegar is my enemy.  The slightest whiff of it is enough to get my gag reflex working.  I see (and occasionally re-pin) the hundreds and hundreds of "spray vinegar in any direction of your home and it will be spotlessly clean in an instant" pins, but can't bring myself to do them without a hasmat suit.  So, Easter egg dying was an experiment in having fun while holding your breathe.

Enter, Kool Aid.  Dying eggs to a fruity light scent?  Yes!  Finally! 

The PAAS is not necessary, I just wanted egg cups to put the eggs in.  Probably could have used bowls, but whatevs.

So, add Kool Aid to 2/3 cups of water and stir.  Simple.  So far, I'm with ya, Pinterest.

I cheated and to pump up the colors added the coresponding PAAS color since I had it.  Also, there's no green Kool Aid (that I found at least) so I used lemon juice and water with the green tablet.

It smelled friggin amazing.  Like Skittles.  Mmmm.

 The colors were iffy.  The purple/blue was grayish, which is why there is only one.  I added some yellow to see if it would make a pretty blue green, but it was more like army green.  The yellow was fine, the red was more orange, and the orange was also orange.  But the real trouble was the streaking.

Not so pretty.

Leading us to...
Pinspiration #3

How hard could this be?  Take egg, add glue dots, dip in glitter.  Turns out, pretty darn.

Glue dots

So, glue dots don't really want to stick to eggs.  I waited until the eggs weren't so cold and finally got them to stick.  I made myself a little pattern and attempted to dip in glitter.  Huh.  There was like, zero glitter on my glue dot.

I dumped a ton more glitter into my dish and was moderately more successful.  Then I used a paint brush to clean off the glitter clinging to the non-glue dot parts of the egg.

Then Charlie woke up, so I decided it wasn't worth the mess to continue to do this to my funny looking eggs, so I started to clean up. 

That's when I knocked glitter over, down my white pants, on the chair and in the carpet.  And I realized that no mom of toddlers in her right mind should be attempting this.  Maybe when I have a sweet teenage girl to help me instead of an impatient non-napping toddler.  We'll see.

Bottom line, I'll bake my eggs in the future, but probably won't revisit the Kool-Aid, and the dots are years from being feasible.  Anyone else try these, more successfully?

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