Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Easter was really fun this year, since  Charlie is now at the age that she both eats and plays.  When she woke up, I fed her and then got her in to her pretty pretty dress.  Once Tim was up, I pulled out her oh-so-cleverly disguised basket.
The blanket didn't fool her...she didn't even bother to take it off.

 Here she is reading Pride and Prejudice, and making Mommy proud. 

She drew pictures with her new markers for the grandparents, and I made a note to myself to thank Crayola for their Color Wonder products that didn't mark her pretty dress as she dragged the markers across it.
After a great church service, lunch and a nap we headed to Papa's, where Charlie was lavished with gifts.  Papa got her lots of food to go with her shopping cart, as well as a stuffed bunny, a wind up bunny (my hand is sore from winding that sucker up so much the last few days) and an inflatible chick and carrot. 

Taking a break from all the play.

I wish this shot had turned out better.  She just looks so much like a baby in it, and I miss that.

Eating a "lime"

Watching golf on the edge of her seat.
I just love this dress.  Look at the tulle!

It was such a pretty day.  This is outside our house in front of our flowering tree.  I love that silly grin.

Our sweet family.

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