Friday, April 15, 2011

Chronicles of Cry It Out - Day Seven

Charlie was bright and cheery most of the day yesterday, even "napping" in her crib without protest a few times. I say "napping" because most of the time was spent staring at the wall or playing with her feet, not actually sleeping. But, baby steps, right? She seems to have figured out that screaming isn't getting her what she wants. When I laid her down last night at 7:30, she cried until I left the room, then only fussed for about a minute every 5 minutes or so. At one point she'd been so quiet I was sure she was asleep, so I tip toed in to peek and found her staring at the wall (we're on the other side of it, and she could hear Tim talking with our friend Ryan through it) so intently that she didn't notice I was there. It made me sad to see her staring to where she knows we are. I feel like she thinks she's being punished. But, I know these are just reflections of how I would feel in her situation, because she doesn't even know the concept of punishment yet. The only time she hears the word "no" is when she's ripping hair from my scalp (granted, that is about 20 times a day). Anyway, minutes after that, I checked on her again, driven by my guilt, and found her asleep. All in all, it took less than a half hour with virtually no crying - a huge change from a week ago, when she would fall asleep on a sheet soaked with tears. She woke up around 11, and when I went in to get her she was pressed up against the crib slats. I untangled her from them and fed her while I read and laid her back down. She was asleep again quickly without protest. We didn't repeat our sleeping through the night bliss, she woke up at three to eat, but went back down in her crib with barely a peep. It took her awhile to fall back asleep though, I could hear her tiny dagger sharp nails scratching the sheet for about a half hour. I half expected her to have dug through the mattress by morning. She woke up again at 6:15 and ate again, then we snoozed together for a few more hours. Today has been touch and go, she was happy while I changed her until she scratched her face with her toenail (seriously, how often does that happen?), then she was happy again while we watched American Idol until she couldn't share my coffee. Fixed with her own sippy cup of juice/water. Then she started getting sleep and fussy, and no amount of snuggling her was fixing the fuss, so I decided if she's crying anyway, to her crib! And that's where she's been the whole time I've been writing this. Fussing on an off, (fussing right now actually), but I'm hoping it's short lived. So, since the cry it out part is pretty much over, and I can't imagine you all just want to hear how often she eats in the night, barring some sort of extreme regression, I think this will be my last post on the subject. Thanks for going through this journey with me, and I really appreciate all the encouragement. I couldn't have done it without you!


  1. Can u post an update in a couple weeks so we know if it's still working out? I'm still on the fence whether to try this or not...

  2. Woohoo! Yay Charlie! I have enjoyed reading the process. My guess is that you guys will end up sleeping better all around too - when we had Lyddie in bed with us or even in the bassinet in our room, she was so noisy that I slept really poorly! Eventually I got to the point that I could let go and fall into a deep sleep and know if something was seriously wrong, the monitor would not let me down. The different cycles of sleep are important to know, too - that babies go through periods of "restless" sleep or "active" sleep as well as deep sleep and that it's not unusual for them to cycle through these multiple times per night or even per nap. Once I realized that it also helped me understand why she would seem to be waking up but not fully awake and I didn't need to get her up. And there's no guilt in kiddos learning to be quiet by themselves - it's definitely not punishment for Lyddie to be in her bed with books for an hour in the morning now that she's given up her morning nap. At first it was hard and we went through a little cry cycle again but now I think she appreciates the time to be alone and rest without the stimulation of being around people.
    Keep up the good work :)