Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What's Charlie Wearing Wednesday

This girl is getting trickier to photograph. She is ever more distracted by the world around her, so keeping her attention for the three seconds my camera takes to capture a shot is no laughing matter.
In the first picture, she's attempting to lick her hood.
In the second picture, she's letting me know it's too close to nap time for this business.
And in the third picture, she's had a nap, and a meal, and is more than happy to smile for me, so long as she can still play with her feet.

Anyway, today she's wearing another Carters outfit, which makes it simple for a sleepy mama. I really love how everything Carters matches. For example, the blue of the socks, which were not part of the outfit, is exactly the same as the blue of the vest. Takes a lot of the thinking out of the picture, which I am increasingly appreciating. The headband was made by me.

Here she is giving up on sitting pretty and sprawling along the full width of the rocking chair seat.
Time to play!

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