Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's ridiculous, I know...

...but I'm already brainstorming for Charlie's first birthday party. I have so many ideas floating around my head.

Rainbow Bright
I've liked this idea for awhile. I love "retro" toys that I played with growing up, so the idea of decorating with Rainbow Bright, her Unicorn and Sprites tugs at my heart strings. Add some rainbow streamers, bunting from Tim's birthday and these rainbow cupcakes and, zippety-pow*, you've got yourself a party. And for the favors? A Sprite for everyone (the critter, not the drink)!
When we were first married we went through a Paris phase. As our style changed, most of our beautiful Parisian art didn't fit in anymore, so it's been banished to our mostly unused formal living room. But, what better way to put it to use again but to have a Madeline in Paris party? Besides the artwork, we could decorate with the books, croissants and baguettes (what's more French that that? Besides cigarettes.), streamers in Madeline's school uniform colors, and maybe some French street decor like this:
Teach the kids to say "Oui, oui" and you've got yourself a smash! Berets for everyone!

Just picture it: elephants, lions, tigers, bears, striped tents and mustaches for all! How can you go wrong? Dr. Seuss
Cupcakes topped with green "eggs", big striped felt hats, books everywhere, a game of pin the heart on the Grinch...Dr. Seuss opens itself up to all sorts of fun.
Alice and Wonderland
A mad tea party, eat me and drink me signs everywhere, awesome artwork, and adorable clothes? Yes please. Everyone can go home with a little toadstool, or rabbit, or caterpillar toy.

What do you like best? Other ideas?

*A spattering of zippety-pow - a Gilmore Girls reference, naturally.


  1. Oh my goodness! I love all the ideas so far. I'm doing a nautical party for Gideon's 1st birthday and have already bought several things off Etsy. LoL.

  2. Oops, I didn't realize I was logged into David's acct....Its me, Sarah writing this!