Monday, March 7, 2011

Made By Me Monday

Occasionally the things I make don't turn out quite like I's an example of a dud.

This "baby hat" was supposed to be a sweet tiny hobo hat to see baby peepers peering out under. I chose red because it really makes Charlie's eyes pop (and because I only had red, pink and black to choose from at the time). But, seeing as how this was my third knitting project and I wasn't fluent in the terminology, it didn't go as planned.

What it was supposed to look like:
Here's what I got:
A giant, Alice in Wonderland type hat, with a backward pocket.
Doesn't Charlie look thrilled with her present? Yeesh.
Now that I'm more competent about thing such as gauge and bulky vs. baby yarn, I may reattempt...we'll see.

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