Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What's Charlie Wearing Wednesday

Today Charlie is supporting the non profit organization, Zimbags. Zimbags is a local organization that is effecting global change, employing Zimbabwean women and paying them fair wages in an effort to extend their shockingly low life expectancy. Read more about their mission for change here.

Charlie is wearing one of her three Zimonsies, a Gerber onesie featuring a design made by a woman in Zimbabwe.

Her skirt and leg warmers (as well as two of the Zimonsies), were a gift from Meghan, one of the happy bag elves behind Zimbags.
The skirt is Circo brand, and the leg warmers are Babylegs...which are awesome.

One last thing, since Charlie has been wearing these every day for the last week:

Since Charlie's feet are her new favorite toy, I can keep her occupied for endless periods of time by using these Lamaze feet rattles that my little brother got her for Christmas. I highly recommend these to and new moms.

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