Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What's Charlie Wearing Wednesday

Today Charlie is wearing one of my favorites.

Her onesie:
was a gift from our friends Amy and Frank. It's Baby Gap, and I love that it's three quarter sleeve - rare in a baby outfit. The little strawberries are so fun in hot pink and navy blue, and it's so soft and snuggly.
The skirt is Osh Kosh, (also a gift) part of a three piece set (knit sweater, skirt and striped leggings.) It's so sweet with it's fuchsia belt and knit flowers.
The leg warmers are Circo, and are so ridiculously soft. They were $3.99.
Lately Charlie is:

  • So happy. She grins and smiles at everything and nothing. Except strangers. Those she's grown a bit wary of.
  • Obsessed with her feet. She is most often seen trying to eat them while kicking, resulting in a battle of the wills between foot and mouth.
  • Playing her own version of peek-a-boo, where she buries her head in whatever is near (generally my shoulder), then looks up with a shy grin and waits for a reaction.
  • Startling herself with the loudness of her squeals.
  • Very interested in whatever I'm eating or drinking, attempting to grab whatever cup I'm holding (making coffee drinking much more interesting and dangerous) and fussing when I eat.
  • Eating rice cereal. This has been fairly successful, but she eats the most when it comes from this spoon.
  • Learning to put her pacifier in her mouth by herself...usually upside down.
  • Sitting unsupported for about a minute.
  • Headbutting everyone she comes in contact with.
  • Rounding a corner in sleep regression...from being up five times a night to once or twice.
  • The cutest snuggle bug ever.

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