Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What's Charlie Wearing Wednesday

Today is a jammie day in our house. This week has been so busy, and it's starting to show in Charlie's fragile temperament, so we're staying in today and focusing on napping. You may have noticed a lack of Made By Me Monday...well, I had a good reason. Tim, who is now working 65+ hour weeks, took Monday off to spend with his girls. We window shopped, we took Charlie to her 6 month well check (he did the comforting after the shots, which was sweet.) We even super splurged and ate out for lunch. Then the three of us snuggled on the couch and watched Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. It was so wonderful. Anyway, back to business. Charlie is wearing a snug sleeper from Gymboree with Parisian elephants on it, (what else would it be?). Elephants riding bikes past delicatessens, elephants in hot air balloons, elephants admiring the Eiffel's so cute. And it was about five bucks.

so we're off to rest and play a bit, have a great day!

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