Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What's Charlie Wearing Wednesday

Today Charlie is wearing :
A floral peasant top her Auntie Laura brought over (among many other things) the day we found out we were having a girl. It's from Old Navy.
Hot pink skinny pants from Carters, part of a tunic set she got for Christmas from Nana and Grandpa.
And Carter's socks, also a gift.
She is exactly a week away from being six months old! I find this completely unbelievable, but considering the leaps and bounds she's making developmentally I probably shouldn't.
She is currently
  • rolling everywhere, this is no longer just between me and her, she'll now roll for anyone
  • very interested in and very jealous of my food. the other day she rolled over four times to get as close as possible to my plate (I was eating on the floor to keep her company)
  • grabbing things out of my hands, and holding things that are heavier than she's used to with ease
  • eating oatmeal
  • in the throws of teething...I expect a tooth any time now
  • preferring standing to pretty much anything else
  • when laying on her belly she sticks her bum in the air, plants her face on the floor and shoves herself forward
  • sucking her thumb rather than her whole hand

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