Monday, February 7, 2011

Made by Me Mondays

The day before Charlie was born was my last day of work. Tim and I knew that when we started our family, we wanted, more than anything, for me to be able to stay home. My passion and desire is to be with Charlie as much as possible, to teach her, to learn from her, to love her and dote on her, to do everything I can for her.

To be able to do this, we've had to make a lot of sacrifices. Tim has to work two jobs, we've had to cut all extras out of our budget and live the leanest we've ever lived. Worth it? Absolutely.

So, when Christmas time rolled around, I was faced with the biggest challenge I've experienced in this lean buying presents for people, something I love to do. Thankfully, there is a never ending amount of crafting to be done, so in our need for creative gift giving, I was able to make, among other things (jewelry, mounds of cookies, etc...):

Yarn Wreaths with Felt Flowers:
I found a tutorial on this a few weeks before Christmas and made one for my Grandma in traditional Christmas colors:
It took me awhile to decide if I liked it, but eventually I determined I did.
(Bonus shot, Grandma with her great grandkids on Christmas Eve)

Once I decided I liked it, I made another in less traditional colors for my sweet friend Laura. I was even more uncertain of this one, so much so that I didn't initially give it to her, giving her only the jewelry portion at first. Later I decided I was being stupid, "slyly" asked her if she was familiar with the yarn wreath fad, and eventually presented her with the wreath, assuring her that she didn't have to like it. She did though, and happily hung it up right then.
What do you think of yarn wreaths? Is this something you'd buy in an Etsy shop? What would you expect to pay, and what color combos would you like to see? Any input it welcome!

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  1. I love them... you should totally put them in your shop! The blues, greens and pinks would be pretty!!!