Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What's Charlie Wearing Wednesday

I'm seeing a lot of people posting pictures of what they're wearing. Considering that it takes a small miracle for me to be dressed and get my make up and hair done all in the same day, I thought it might be simpler to show you what Charlie is wearing. And, since she was born on a Wednesday, it makes it that much easier for me to see how she's changing week to week. So, I give you:

What's Charlie Wearing Wednesdays! (with a few bonus ones cause I got really excited about this idea)
Today's outfit was provide almost entirely by Auntie Alison and Uncle Jason.
we have:
a sweet plaid button down from H&M - this coordinates really well with Mommy's wardrobe. The white long sleeved onesie underneath is Carters, and came with a little fleece outfit.
The jeans are also from H&M, and are still a touch big, so we opted for the rolled up look. The socks are trumpettetoos, and she can never kick them off, try as she might.
This little sailor suit was a present to myself I picked up on my birthday from Janie and Jack on clearance. If I remember right, the hat and pants ran me about $8. The bear long sleeved onesie is another Carters item from another cute set.
This last one (I sent this to daddy, hence the message), is an adorable Osh Kosh outfit that was given to me at a shower. It included the sweater, skirt and leggings. The socks are Carters, and so cute, but she does kick those off on a regular basis.
So, there we have it. My plan is to do this every Wednesday, and to include where the items are from and what they cost (if I bought them.) It's so nice to have such a pretty model who requires no make up and just a little encouragement (fake sneeze).

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