Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What's Charlie Wearing Wednesday

This is what I commonly refer to as Charlie's boy outfit. Despite the tunic style top, ruffles, bow, bear with flower, and polka dots of it all, this is the outfit she was wearing the only time I've ever heard the dreaded words, "Is it a girl? It's wearing blue." Sigh.

Although it is tainted with that memory, I still think it's adorable. The whole outfit is Carters. The top under the blue tunic has two little bears holding flowers embroidered on it, and a little blue bow at the collar, so if she spits up on the first layer, Voila! new outfit underneath.
This is said under shirt:
Bonus shot cause she's so stinking cute. Or, as I was told the other night, she won the genetic lottery. Sweet!

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