Thursday, February 10, 2011

What's Charlie Wearing Wednesday...or Thursday as it were

Well, second week of doing WCWW, and I failed to post it. But, I had a very good reason. My 88 year old grandma took a fall last week, breaking her femur bone. While she was in the hospital, an infection was discovered, and my sweet, feisty grandma quickly deteriorated. She went Home to be with her Lord and Savior, as well as her husband and daughter early yesterday. So, the day was spent with my dad rather than in my photo studio, aka, rocking chair.

Tim, Grandma and me at my brothers wedding in Castaic Lake, CA
Grandma and my side of the family at my wedding in Renton WA
So, despite the sadness of the day, Charlie brought us lots of joy, and I did manage to take pictures of outfits #3 and #4 before bed. (Yes, it was a 4 outfit day, and neither of these were what I planned for her to wear for WCWW).

This outfit is a hodge podge of various pieces. The headband is one I won over a year before Charlie was even conceived. It's from BudsButtonsandBows on Etsy. She puts snaps on each headband and bud, button or bow, so you can make your own color/style combination. Genius! The top was a gift from a friend, and is Circo from Target. The pants are part of a Carters fleece set, and came with a skirted hoodie, that she got for Christmas. The socks are also Carters, and are clearly on their way off...also a gift, so this outfit cost me nothing.
This next outfit is a sweet snugly sleeper that I got at my first shower. You can see the confusion on Charlie's face as she notices her bear feet. Also, forgive the squints, this poor little girl has the dreaded pink eye.
That's that, hopefully next week I'll actually get this up on Wednesday.

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