Friday, October 30, 2009

Barbie Pictures

I found my camera! Please excuse the poor photography, I was taking these of myself.
Here's a shot of me with some of my coworkers, Pirate Tami and Lil' Red.

Hair shots:
Notice the bow? I really think I had this 20 years ago.

My awesome extensions. Second favorite thing (lashes being the first) about my costume.

The Bling:
The huge stone from Ken

The roughly made Barbie type ring I made

Necklace and earrings I made


Horribly painful plastic shoes

Wrist tag - to help those who don't realize instantly I'm Barbie. I painstakingly made this detail last night.

And, finally, the lashes. So pretty. So over the top.

I told Tim that I was planning to start wearing fake lashes. They just make you feel so fancy!
Happy Halloween everyone!

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