Monday, October 19, 2009

Fun with Papa and Mitsuki!

Last weekend I got to play with dad and Mitsuki. I headed over to "Papa's" house and the festivities began.

We started the evening with a photo shoot. You may notice Mitsuki didn't really feel like cooperating. Closed eyes, fingers on camera...whatever worked.

I thought this one was cute.

Then we played Hide and Seek, which was a lot of fun. Mitsuki would wander past my hiding spot and I'd make some sort of noise to help him on the way. He'd stop in his tracks and say "Huh?" He's so cute.
Then we headed to Bellevue to visit Tim at work. Mitsuki hadn't seen Tim in awhile, so he really clung to him.

Then it was home to go to bed. He slept the whole way back in the car, but when I laid him down he complained that he needed to brush his teeth, but we didn't have a toothbrush for him. So, we did the next logical thing - let him stay up. We watched cartoons while he drank milk - then upon tasting it (it was soy milk) he asked for water instead. He told me, "Well, it's not very good milk." Then he asked for toast with butter and sugar, which Papa fixed him. Tim and Chie came in just as he was licking the last of the sugar from his fingers. Hopefully that didn't keep him from sleeping when he got home.

He's the cutest. I like that kid.

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