Friday, October 30, 2009

Being Barbie

I couldn't find my digital camera and left my cell phone at home, so one of my coworkers took this for me. There will (hopefully) be more pictures this afternoon.

This is the completed Barbie costume...a long time in the making. It consists of:

The clothes:
Pink plastic shoes
Pink and salmon prom dress
Cardigan with garish flower pinned to it

The makeup:
Blue and purple eyeshadow (blue on the inside, purple on the outside just like Barbie)
Hot pink lipstick
Fake lashes (hopefully I'll have a closeup for you later, these are awesome)
Lots of blush
Hot pink nail polish

The accessories:
Hot pink beaded choker
Hot pink beaded bracelet
Hot pink beaded ring
Hot pink beaded earrings
Huge plastic diamond ring
Wrist tag with Barbie trademark
Blonde wig
Purple and pink hair extension
Hot pink polyester hair bow

Put it all together and voila! Barbie

1 comment:

  1. This is awesome!!!! I love it!! So creative!!! =D