Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's officially Autumn in Seattle, and I'm excited!

One week we had balmy days reaching the 80's and 90's. Then next...50's and 60's with sporatic storms. Last night we pulled out our winter blanket and put it over our summer one. It's time for fall.
Tonight I'm planning on putting some flannel sheets on the bed. The time for lightweight cotton is gone. I'll also put away our summer bedspread and move our heavy chocolate brown fuzzy quilt into place officially.
I'm excited to make a big pot of cider on the stove like my mom always did, complete with cloves and cinnamon sticks floating in it.
I'm excited to enjoy lots of tea and time reading with Tim.
I'm excited to wear cozy sweaters and slippers.
I'm excited to put gourds and mini pumpkins all over the house.
I'm excited to eat hearty warming foods like green bean casserole and potato soup.
I'm excited to start Christmas shopping (I bought the first gift today...way behind my usual schedule.)
What are you excited for?

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