Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'm doing my Christmas dreaming a little early this year

and every year for that matter. Here's some items I found on Etsy that I would love to decorate with this season.

Let's start with this super cool vintage dish towel in the style of Eames.

Vintage Eames Era Christmas Towel Santa Reindeer 1955 MINT Pink Black Gilt from callmejasper. I love all the detail.
This little guy reminds me of one of my favorite scenes from Elf. I would like him to be mine.
Nels the Narwhal by skunkboycreatures
Up next is this dainty lady, who would perfectly match my Mr. Reindeer from last year.
vintage reindeer ornament from rwalsh111

I love decorating with the less popular items (ie - Reindeer, Gingerbread and Penguins as opposed to snowmen and Santa - though they do have their place.) So, I think these cute vintage gingerbread men would fit right in.
Vintage Ayers Ceramic Painted Gingerbread Man and Woman from MyGrandmasAttic

These two are a match made in holiday heaven.
Mr. and Mrs. Eulie Penguin by skunkboycreatures

And, when you come to my house you'll need a place to rest your steaming cup of spiced cider. There is a great selection at robotcandy, and naturally I want them all, but this one is far and wide my favorite.
Reindeer Sleigh Christmas Coaster by robotcandy
That's a little of what I love. As always, click the picture to be taken to the item (to buy it for me for Christmas, of course.)

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