Friday, October 23, 2009

The Girl I Mean to be...

...on halloween.

While contemplating my costume I took a walk down memory the Barbie's I played with growing up. These were the favorites of my (vast) collection:
My first Barbie was given to me by my Grandma in Maryland. It was Dream Date PJ, in 1983.
She was lovely. Her skirt twisted into all sorts of different styles.
Then came Astronaut Barbie, complete with helmet!
No Barbie collection is complete without Barbie and the Rockers. I loved the huge plastic earrings.My first Skipper - before she "matured". I remember that roll up towel really well, I didn't realize it came with her.
Sorry this is sideways, I can't make it turn. The is the Heart family. You can't really tell from the picture in the corner, but Midge had the option of being pregnant. She had a hard plastic removable belly that a baby fit in. Just click it on to her otherwise unrealistically thin waste and she's ready to pop!Here's the same concept sold alone. I think I may have had her too.
Anway, these are the dolls I remember best. Did you have any of them?

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