Monday, October 5, 2009

My "Scary" Movie Picks

Since the spookiest time of year is approaching, I thought I'd fill you in my favorite "scary" movies. You may notice "scary" is appearing in quotes. The simple reason for that is this: I am a sissy. So, here you go, in no particular order:

The Others

1 - Nicole Kidman is amazing
2- The story is just all around creepy, all the way through
3- The children scare the living daylights out of me for no good reason
4- The story is unlike any other I've seen
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

1- I've been watching this since I was tiny
2- It's a cartoon
3- It's Disney
4- There's music
Sweeney Todd

1- Johnny Depp - hellllooooo
2- Music - great music
3- Amazing cast
4- Gory beyond all reason (to the degree that you can recognize it's fake, kinda like a Quentin Tarentino movie)

1- Great cast
2- Great story
3- True story (terrifying)
4- Made me hold my breath for a record amount of time. Something like 2 hours.
5- Made me sleep with a night light
6- Too scary (cause it's real life scary, not ghosts and vampires scary), but I love it!

1- Alfred Hitchcock is a genius
2- Creepy cast
3- Classic
4- Disturbing ending, like all Hitchcocks movies

Rear Window

1- Fantastic cast - Jimmy and Grace!
2- Plausible storyline

3- Doesn't leave me too terrified at the end


You're probably wondering, why Dumbo? That's not a scary movie.

1- Elephants on Parade

2- Elephants on Parade

3- Elephants

4- On

5- Parade

6- There's a mouse (scares the elephants.)

So, those are my "scary" movie picks. Seeing the trend of mildly creepy movies, does anyone have any suggestions?

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